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As the Avialantic website grows, answering email in a timely manner is becoming more and more difficult, but I believe that two-way communication is an important facet of maintaining a web presence. You can help me maintain my resolve to answer the mail no matter what by providing me with enough information to do so. "Please tell me about the show" is a really difficult question to answer when I don't know what show the question addresses or what it is you want to know that is not on the web site or event announcement.

There are many organizations, events, and other topics on Avialantic and associated web pages, so please, let me know what the subject is, who you are, and include other information that will help me answer your question or otherwise respond intelligently. If you have a suggestion about a page, it would help if you can give me the URL or otherwise indicate which one it is. If you are requesting information, it would also help if you let me know where you have already looked, and make your question as specific as possible. I do not write research papers (at least not without a substantial fee).


Fred Pierce - on behalf of Avialantic, Mid Atlantic Air Museum, the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation, and other organizations represented on these pages.
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