Kwaj after the War - Operation Crossroads and Sandstone - thanks to Bill Herndon

Kwaj 1946

This photo by the 58th Wing Air Photo Unit shows the high level of activity during Crossroads

Aerial of runway looking south from L-5 Lagoon from Tower Lagoon from Tower Aerial of N. end of Kwaj

End views above taken by Bill from a Stinson L-5 show an island much shorter than it is now.

The Terminal Tower Comm. Station ?
Terminal Tower Army Airways Comm. Center Buildings
P-61 Black Widow. There are only 4 of these aircraft now existing. Read about the Mid Atlantic Air Museum's P-61 recovery and restoration project. C-46 Commando - another rare bird. The venerable DC-3 - not rare but greatly admired.
P-61 P-61 C-46 DC-3
C-54's were still in service when I was there in '72. Anyone know when they were retired? C-82 "Flying Boxcar". Its descendent, the C-119, is better known. B-29. Several of these were modified for photo purposes.
C-54 C-82 B (RB?) -29

A-26 and B-17 Finally an A-26 Invader and B-17. More to come and, as time permits, some commentary on this important era in the history of Kwaj and the world.

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