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A must for anyone with even a passing interest in birds, but a fascinating read for pilots too.
Why? - read more below

Following a Perigrine Falcon in a Cessna 172. Great companion to "Living on the Wind"

Dwayne O'Brien's flying music CD - Song Pilot, featuring the warbird anthem, "We Remember."

George Wirth's "Lights of Brigantine"

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Song Pilot CD

A varied selection of non-aviation related favorites, offerings by friends and acquaintances and a few that help environmental causes. Also some nice Christmas selections.

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More about "Living on the Wind" - Imagine your most harrowing flight ever. Imagine being low on fuel, exhausted, over water, with a headwind, your only navigational equipement your instincts. Finally you see your destination - at last, food and rest if you can only make it a few more miles. But when you get there you find a frightening, alien landscape - no food, no rest, with hundreds or thousands of miles left before your journey is complete.

For a pilot, loss of an airport can be life-threatening. For a migrating bird, loss of critical habitat can mean the death of its species. The problem of development and resultant loss of habitat is common to both and this bond alone is enough to make "Living on the Wind" of interest to pilots. Scott Weidensaul's tale of bird migration is the ultimate flying adventure - not a dry, scientific treatise but a passionate and exciting saga of the most incredible aeronauts of all time.

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