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When You're Out Of...

A Tribute to some Long-serving Warriors

...F8 Crusaders, you're out of  fighters
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Crusader books & models
"the Last & the Best" - VFP-206 RF8-G's were retired at Andrews AFB nearly 10 years ago. RF-8G 601 - VFP 206 - 1986

No digital stuff here. Round object at top is forward camera view. VFP-206 RF-8's were the last dedicated Naval photo aircraft.

RF-8G instrument panel

These two illustrate the transition to low-viz paint and the F8's variable incidence wing.

RF8-Gs 601 and 602 takeoff

"The first and the last". XF8U on right, high time (7,000+ hours) RF8G on left. The latter is at the Smithsonian's Dulles storage facility now - XF8 went from Smithsonian to Seattle Museum of Flight.

last F8 and first XF-8U Test Pilot Rober Konrad, who flew the XF8U (1955?) was guest at disestablishment ceremony
more Crusaders
Crusader books & models
and still more Crusaders

...F-106's, you're out of intercepters
jdevil.gif (39162 bytes)

[tf106's takeoff][106's air][row of 117th FIG Darts]

The "Jersey Devils" traded their Darts in for F-16's not long after these photos were taken in 1987 (note 106B's on left).


[Shack parked] [interior]


"the Shack" paid a visit to Dulles Airport on the way home from one of a very few visits to the U.S. A few months later, in July of 1991, the Shackleton's "Griffin Growl" would be heard no more after more than 40 years service.

Update courtesy of Steve P. - The aircraft shown here - WL790 - is a now member of the Polar Aviation Museum in Blaine, Minnesota.

Update of the update - since Polar closed, where is it now?
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